Police act on abuse cases

Fife Police
Fife Police

MORE than 70 people in Fife have been arrested over incidents of domestic abuse this month.

That follows the launch of Fife Constabulary’s ‘Say No’ campaign on December 1.

Superintendent Alex Duncan, who is leading the initiative, said: “Our officers are focused on protecting victims, including any children living within an abusive environment, as well as arresting anyone who abuses their partner.

“But remember that domestic abuse isn’t just a police problem, it’s everybody’s problem and we can all do something to help.


“It can be something as simple as supporting a friend or family member who you suspect of being a victim of domestic abuse or even speaking to a friend who you suspect may be an abuser.

“Every one of us can say no to domestic abuse.”

Anyone experiencing domestic abuse or looking for help, support and guidance can log on to the following confidential website — www.scotlandsaysno.org.uk