Police action on roads

Police have been tracking speeding motorists
Police have been tracking speeding motorists

DRIVERS who motor carelessly on rural and country roads have been targeted during a weekend of police action.

The initiative, held over the weekend, saw an increased policing presence, with marked and unmarked vehicles and speed camera units deployed.

Chief Inspector Adrian Annandale, head of road policing, said particular attention had also been paid to young drivers who continued to be the “most likely” to be involved in road crashes.

“On September 15, a 23-year-old man was caught driving 38mph above the speed limit and another young man 47mph above it,” said Chief Inspector Annandale.

“There were fewer people seriously injured in road crashes in Fife last year.

“This reduction is testament to the work carried out by the force and partner agencies in support of the policing plan commitment to increase road safety.

“Initiatives such as this are designed to reinforce the message to drivers that careful driving is their responsibility and that those who choose to drive otherwise are likely to be stopped, breath tested and charged with any offences that may come to light. “

He added personal travel safety was “everybody’s responsibility” and urged those using the rural and country road network to drive with care.

Camera safety partnership manager Andy Jones said: “Statistics for road casualties suggest the initiative and other strategies adopted in Fife are contributing to an overall reduction in casualties.”