Police alert after spate of bike thefts

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Police are warning the public after an increase in bike thefts across St Andrews, night and day

The stolen bikes range from low value insecure bikes up to high value items where the security or locking mechanism is being overcome.

Community Sergeant Neil Johnston said: “Due to a recent rise in the number of cycles being stolen, we are asking the residents and visitors to St Andrews to be vigilant and to make reasonable adjustments to their bike security. By doing this you hinder those involved in this type of criminality and keep your property safe.”

People are advised to lock bikes always, ideally using two locks and fastened through the frame and wheel to a fixed object.

Also leave it in a busy well-lit place in view of people or CCTV cameras and vary your routine, using different places and locks.

Sgt Johnston also urged those who witness suspicious activity to phone 101 or Crimestoppers.

He added: “Any descriptions of individuals is helpful, along with makes, models, colour and registration numbers of any vehicles which may be linked to these crimes.”