Police appeal following more sneak thefts in Glenrothes

Sergeant Kenny Greig
Sergeant Kenny Greig

Police in Glenrothes have reiterated their appeal for people to keep doors locked after a further spate of sneak thefts in the west of the town.

Officers are investigating a number of break-ins and opportunist-type thefts from homes in the Caskieberran and South Parks areas in the last week.

Sergeant Kenny Greig told the Gazette: “It is all about making it as hard as possible for thieves to gain entry to your property.

“There are a few simple measures that everyone can take that will help to ensure that they and their home stay safe and secure during the hours of darkness including checking all doors and windows are locked at night and that all sheds and garages are also made secure before people go to bed.”

Sergeant Greig also highlighted a number of cheap products including timer switches for light and door chains which can be easily obtained and fitted.

He added: “We have stepped up patrols in the highlighted areas and would ask anyone who sees anyone acting suspiciously to call 101.

Dick Jones from the Neighbourhood Safety Partnership added: “Our group is active in the area and our main aim is to get community safety and crime prevention messages across and give people the chance to purchase items of equipment which could improve their personal security or the security of their homes or garden sheds.”