Police confident of catching bank raider

Polcie vehicles at the scene of the robbery incident in Kirkcaldy (Fife Photo Agency)
Polcie vehicles at the scene of the robbery incident in Kirkcaldy (Fife Photo Agency)

A senior police officer involved in the hunt for the man who tried to rob a Kirkcaldy branch yesterday said he was confident of a successful conclusion to the case.

Superintendent Derek McEwan told a press briefing today (Thursday) that he believed the culprit would be traced because of the amount of resources police were putting into the case.

“The nature of this crime is rare within our community - but it’s also unacceptable within our community,” he said.

Supt McEwan also renewed a plea for the public’s help in catching the suspect, who disappeared, initially on foot, after the incident.

The man, who had a distinctive European accent, presented a weapon - of undisclosed description - at a taxi driver and forced him to drive to the Bank of Scotland branch at Mitchelston Industrial Estate and enter the premises with a note demanding money, and a bag.

The alarm was raised soon afterwards and the taxi driver came out of the building with a four-figure sum of money, which was recovered by police who had arrived at the scene.

Supt McEwan praised the conduct of bank staff and the wider community for their co-operation in the aftermath of the incident, as officers acted to maintain public safety.

He also praised the taxi driver, who, he said, had been compelled to commit a crime and was possibly, at some stage, in fear of his life.

It was largely because of the driver’s actions that police had been alerted so early, he added.

Kirkcaldy’s community inspector, Graeme Neill, said officers were maintaining regular dialogue with councillors, MSPs and community leaders and updating them on the investigation.

And he echoed Supt McEwan’s views that such an episode would not be tolerated.

“As far as we’re concerned, this incident happened yesterday - and it will not happen again,” he said.