Police crack down on anti-social behaviour

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FIFE Police have stepped up their efforts to crack down on anti-social behaviour in north east Fife.

A team of officers known as the Safer Neighbourhoods team is to target towns and villages throughout the area in a bid to tackle disorder and help those communities it affects.

Funded by the Community Safety Partnership, the team is to concentrate on identified areas in which a higher volume of disorder calls are being received and work extensively with residents as well as Fife Council staff.

Areas to be addressed include consuming alcohol in public places and the third party supply of alcohol to children by adults, and any public disorder and crimes which occur as result.

Police also hope that as a result of intelligence gained by the Bottlewatch scheme launched last week in Cupar they’ll be be able to identify where youths are obtaining their alcohol or who is purchasing it on their behalf.

Local Area Chief Inspector John McDonald said: “Through the community engagement meetings we understand that dealing with anti-social behaviour and its causes is a key public priority.

“These additional resources coming into north east Fife is very welcome, especially over the summer months when many officers get deployed to support local events.

“Alcohol abuse can be a root cause of public space disorder and we ask the local community who have any knowledge of who is persisting in anti-social behaviour to assist in the detection of these crimes or other offences by either contacting their local community officer or Fife Constabulary on 0845 600 5702 or even Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111.”

He added: “The next series of community engagement meetings is scheduled for September and I would invite any member of the public to come forward to their local meeting to influence local policing priorities”.