Police dedicated to working closely with communities

Fife Chief Constable Norma Graham pictured at the Fife Police HQ in Glenrothes
Fife Chief Constable Norma Graham pictured at the Fife Police HQ in Glenrothes

Councillor George Kay, chairman of Fife Council’s police, fire and safety committee believes the move will bring ‘real benefits’ to the people of Fife.

He said: “There are many benefits to having a single force for police and fire services, not least of which is the huge financial saving.

“At a time when budgets are being squeezed to the limit it makes sense to consolidate back room and specialised services in order to protect the necessary frontline services.”

He said the Council will continue to work to ensure the focus remains on “providing the top performing police and fire service which we are privileged to have in Fife”.

Cllr Kay told the Press: “Year on year we have seen advances in both services.

“Regular performance reports brought to our committee have shown continual improvements, with crime rates, fire deaths and road accident fatalities all showing reductions.

“It will be a common goal for everyone involved to make sure these are maintained.”

Norma Graham, Chief Constable (pictured) has also pledged the Kingdom’s force will remain dedicated to deliver the best outcome for local communities at all stages of change.

She stressed any decision on the future of policing in Scotland needs to be informed by experienced police professionals, community partners and most importantly, the public.

She said: “Throughout this period of change I will remain committed to taking forward my vision of taking policing closer to the community.

“All officers and staff will continue to work in delivery of a high-quality policing service, no matter where the lines on the map are drawn.”

Mrs Graham believes it is essential meaningful engagement with communities, an approach which has been built up in Fife, is protected in the future national force.