Police hail public engagement

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Fife Police say they are happy with the reaction to the recent public engagement meeting in Newburgh that was called amid rising tensions in the town.

Locals had reported an intimidating atmosphere in some parts of the town since the tragic death of 18-year-old Ricky Brown in a car crash in March this year.

The youngster was killed when the car he was travelling in crashed on the Friarton Bridge near Perth. The driver of the car, Jamie Fleming also from Newburgh, survived the crash.

Earlier this month 100 people attended Fife Police’s regular community engagement meeting where the situation regarding heightened tensions was dicussed.


Making a plea for calm, the police told the community they would be working with them and a further meeting was held days later to discuss specific issues.

Since then the police have confirmed they are happy with the public’s response.

The police now say that they have noticed a reduction in tension in the area as a result of members of the public coming along to hear what the police had to say.

The Crown Office confirmed they had received a report into the car accident but were unable to say when and if any charges would be brought.