Police issue appeal as lambing season gets under way

Lambing season is getting under way
Lambing season is getting under way

Dog walkers, joggers and other recreational land users in north east Fife are being urged to give sheep a wide berth as the lambing season gets under way.

PC Stuart Bruce, of Police Scotland, said: “At all times of the year, land users are encouraged to use the areas in which they walk sensibly and avoid coming in to contact with livestock but at lambing season people should be even more aware of coming across mothers and their offspring.

“Farmers told us their concerns at our countryside community engagement meeting and inappropriate use of land was identified as a priority.

“It is an offence for dog walkers to allow their dog to worry sheep and we would like to provide early education to avoid this happening.

“However if it does occur we will take positive action if our education messages go unheeded as there is a significant cost implication and impact on the farming community.

“Reports that people who use land recreationally for jogging or mountain biking could also be at risk of worrying livestock with their use of head torches and officers would advise sticking to the Scottish Countryside Access Code whilst out enjoying the land to avoid conflict.”