Police issue warning after house theft

Police in Glenrothes are reminding people to remain security conscious after a theft from a house in the Pitteuchar area of the town on 21 February.

Thieves entered the house whilst the owner was inside, sometime around 8am in the morning. Entry was gained through an unlocked door and the culprits made off with computer equipment and a handbag.

Sergeant Joanne McEwan said: “Often people will leave the door unlocked having left for work because there are others in the house still getting ready.

“They may even go out to put things in the car and leave the house door open for a short time before leaving for work. This can be an open invitation for sneak-in thieves.

“I would like to remind residents to remain vigilant, no matter the time of day and to keep valuables such as handbags out of sight and out of the easy reach of thieves.

“Don’t leave car keys or purses near to the door or on the kitchen table. This can represent an easy target for a thief.

“By following some simple security advice you can prevent your home being targeted.”

For advice on this type of theft, or any other security related matter call 0845 600 5702 or speak with your local Community Police Officer by attending your local Community Engagement Meeting.

If you have any information about this, or any other crime, call Fife Constabulary on 0845 600 5702 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.