Police keep up curb on drinking in public

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A DRIVE to discourage alcohol consumption in public is being stepped up by police in Leven.

Officers are set to continue two operations to obstuct outdoor boozing in public places.

Named Bodie and Doyle, after the characers in TV’s cult crime drama ‘The Professionals’, the operations were launched earlier this year after Leven residents attending Fife Constabulary’s community engagement meetings asked for the issue to remain a priority.

The most recent meeting heard the exercises had continued through April and into May.

The campaigns included increased police visibility, with patrols seven days a week around the High Street and town centre area.

Plain-clothes officers and mobile patrols were involved, with formal visits also taking place at licensed premises.

In addition, numerous stop-and-search checks for drink and drugs were carried out.

The meeting heard there had been around 16 cases since March of on-the-spot fines or anti-social behaviour penalties for people who were drinking alcohol in public from open containers.

The increased police presence in the town centre also helped officers detect 11 out of 12 cases of theft by shoplifting over a similar period.

Residents said lighter nights and better weather might bring a continuation of incidents and asked Leven’s community officers to keep the issue of public drinking as a priority for investigation.