Police launch Christmas campaign

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WITH Christmas little under a month away, police in the Levemouth area have launched their festive safety campaign.

Building on the the previous Operation Bodie campaign, which included extra officers patrolling the town centre area of Leven over the summer months, officers will dedicate time to patrolling the retail centres of the town to provide a safe environment for Christmas shoppers.

Community Inspector, Donald Jenks said: “The extra patrols we carried out in the High Street area of Leven during the year have helped cut crime in the town centre area.

“I have received many very positive comments from shoppers and retailers who have felt much safer when these patrols have been working in the area.

“To ensure everyone can enjoy a safe festive season, officers will patrol the town centre area during the day and at night, and will deal firmly with anyone whose behaviour threatens to spoil the festive celebrations for others.”