Police launch speed campaign as Lundin Links resident voices concern

Angus and Norma King at the Brae. Picture by George McLuskie
Angus and Norma King at the Brae. Picture by George McLuskie

Concerns have been raised about the effectiveness of new traffic restrictions in Lundin Links, as police launch a new campaign.

Local resident Norma King says the new 20 mph limit on Largo Road is not working, and claims drivers are simply ignoring the new limit.

She claims the new signs put in place are not visible enough and pedestrians walking up the brae are taking their life in their hands.

“After you get past the hotel and down the brae, people just put their foot down,” she said.

“I walk up the hill twice a week to go to the golf club and your heart is just in your mouth. People don’t understand how dangerous it is.”

Mrs King also claims the number of HGVs travelling on the road has increased steadily over the past few months, making the road more unsafe.

Now local police have launched a road safety operation to keep motorists and pedestrians in Lundin Links safe, following concerns about drivers travelling at excessive speeds.

Inspector Tom Brown said: “Lundin Links is a small but built-up town and driving without due care will undoubtedly result in serious injury to someone.

“As such, we are devoting resources to tackling this matter as part of Cone, the Local Action Plan for the area.

“We have also observed a number of motorists leaving their vehicles parked in an obstructive or inappropriate location, particularly around schools. If you are one of these offenders, please refrain from doing so, or face a parking fine.

“Winter is almost upon us, meaning longer periods of darkness and weather conditions that are ever-prone to changing. With that in mind, I would advise pedestrians and cyclists to ensure they wear appropriate clothing when out in the dark, so they can be seen by motorists, but also so they can stay warm and dry.

“Likewise, motorists are reminded to drive at appropriate speeds for the conditions and to ensure their vehicles are fully equipped for driving in winter.”

Murray Hannah, service manager at Fife Council, said: “The speed calming measures on the A915 at Lundin Links were introduced in September and are being monitored regularly.

“We will be gathering the data and presenting our inital findings to the area committee in about six months time. If the evidence shows that the reduction in the speed limit has not had the desired impact we will be taking further measures.”