‘Police need to do more’

Wellesley Road, Leven Sea Road junction
Wellesley Road, Leven Sea Road junction

A Wellesley Road resident has called for action after speeds of over 70 mph were recorded on the road – which has a limit of 30 mph.

Information obtained by the man showed that during a period of speed measurement last November, a number of vehicles were clocked doing speeds well over the 30 mph limit, with one driver caught doing 76.2 mph.

However, the report noted that 85 per cent of drivers stayed within the speed limit, and there was only a slight increase in speeds recorded over night.

However the angry resident, who has lived in the area since the 80s, says the problem has become progressively worse, at all times of the day, and wants police to do 

The 68-year-old, who didn’t want to be named, said even after repeated calls to the police, nothing has been 

“It’s a nightmare,” he said. “I’ve been complaining for years, but nothing has been done about it.”

Shockingly, the man has even received death threats after trying to challenge a speeding motorist himself.

He is also concerned about how the speeds were measured on the road.

“The Metrocount devices were placed next to driveways, so it picked up on people coming out of them and lowered the average speed. It’s not reflecting the true speeds that people do.”

Councillor John O’Brien commented: “I think police need to go out with speed guns.

“I sympathise with residents, because there’s a definite problem.

“I will continue to press for more safety measures.”

Inspector Donald Jenks from Fife division of Police Scotland responded: “This is a road that we are concerned about and we do continue to give it our attention.

“As always, we welcome information from the public and encourage residents in the area to get in touch about when there are particular problems and any speeding vehicles – that way, we can target our action.”