Police on the slithery case of ‘Missing Sid’

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EVERYONE has misplaced a set of keys, or a pair of specs, but what about a 12-foot snake?

Well, one Leven resident found him or herself in that position last week.

Fife Police were called into investigagte the case of ‘Missing, Hissing Sid’ on Saturday.

After a day out of sight, the fear was the 12-foot long pet Burmese python had gone slitherabout in the area.

Its owner hadn’t seen it since 11am on the Thursday morning so, in theory, the snake had a good few hours of a head start on the boys in blue.

Residents were requested to keep a lookout in their gardens and not to approach the reptile if seen.

The advice was the SSPCA or local police should be contacted immediately if the snake was spotted.

There was some reassurance in that the Burmese python was not a venomous snake and, in the wild, would normally feed on birds and small mammals.

Then early on Sunday morning, police revealed the snake had been found “safe and well” in the owner’s house.

The owner and the snake have not been named...