Police reassure parents after rumours of incident at St Monans school

St Monans Primary School
St Monans Primary School

Police have reassured parents in St Monans that there is no cause for alarm after it was rumoured that a man had approached children at the local primary school.

Thorough inquiries into reports of a man approaching the children yesterday (Tuesday) have established no such incident took place and no crime has been committed.

Joanne McEwan, Community Inspector, said: “Our investigation has allowed us to confidently establish that there is no need for concern within the community.

“There has been no criminality or concerning behaviour and there will therefore be no further police action in relation to this matter.

“Reports of this nature will understandably cause alarm and it is right that any concerns regarding contact with children are reported to the police without delay.

“I would like to thank the local community and the staff and pupils at St Monans Primary School for assisting us with our inquiries and allowing us to bring the matter to a swift conclusion.”