Police to up presence following drug injury

Chief Inspector Derek Finnie, Glenrothes police station
Chief Inspector Derek Finnie, Glenrothes police station

FIFE police have responded to a Glenrothe resident’s calls for a increased police presence in the area, reports NEIL HENDERSON.

The response follows the injury of a six year-old boy from a discarded hypodermic needle whilst playing in a children’s park close to his home in Alves Drive.

Fife police have increased the community policing presence within the immediate area following local children finding as many as 20 discarded drug user’s needles in three separate incidents.

Chief Inspector Derek Finnie, pictured, said: “We have been closely working with Fife Environmental Services in the is matter of discarded needles in the play park. Whilst this is not a police matter, we are interested in finding the person(s) responsible for discarding the needles.”

Police have also asked for local residents to be more vigilant and to report anyone seen using drugs or found to be using the area as a dumping ground for used drug paraphernalia.

CI Finnie continued: “We ask that everyone who finds discarded needles, not to pick them up, but to contact Environmental Services for them to dispose of them.”

If anyone has information about those responsible is asked to contact Fife Constabulary on 0845 600 5702.

Emily Henderson, the mother of six year-old Reece who was injured has been calling for the area to be better monitored following the incident.

She said: “I have had a visit from the community police officer for the area who has said they will increase the number of rounds made in Tanshall which may go some way to easing the problem we have right now.

“With lots of children living and playing within the area, everyone wants this problem of dumped needles to be dealt with.

“Nobody wants a repeat of the injury Reece has suffered, it’s everyone’s worst nightmare.”

CI Finnie added: “Community Police Officer Cathrine Rennie has discussed the matter with Mrs Henderson and has provided some reassurance to her that the situation would continue to be monitored and patrols would be increased in the area.”