Police vow to trace ‘white powder’ hoaxer

Iona House
Iona House

POLICE have vowed to trace the culprit who sparked a major incident at a Kirkcaldy call centre.

The discovery of an enveleope filled with white powder saw police, fire and ambulances crew on stand-by for three hours at MGt.

And staff exposed to the powder were kept inside a room until the all-clear was given.

The delivery to MGt at Iona House on the John Smith Business Park sparked a major incident alert, with emergency service on standby.


However, after the substance was tested by specialists called in from Tayside, it was found to be harmless and the area, which had been cordoned off to staff and the public, was reopened around 1.30 p.m.

A spokesman for Fife Police confirmed it had been called to the business premises around 10.30 a.m. on Tuesday after a report of a suspicious envelope being received in the post.

After the envelope and contents were examined by officers from the Fire and Rescue Service, powder in the envelope was found to be harmless and the incident was closed.

The envelope is now being examined by officers from Fife Police in an effort to trace the sender.

Superintendent David McCulloch, head of specialist services at Fife Police, said: “This was a reckless act which put a great many people to inconvenience and tied up a lot of scarce resources by all of the emergency services.

“We will now work to track down the person who committed this criminal act and bring them to justice.”

Three fire crews trained in dealing with hazardous substances were called in from Methil, along with around six ambulances, including special response vehicles, and police officers.


A spokesman for Fife Fire and Rescue Service said: “After analysis of the material by the Detection Identification Monitoring (DIM) Team, requested through mutual assistance arrangements from Tayside Fire and Rescue Service, the material was found to be inert and non hazardous.

“The resources deployed to this incident by all responding agencies were commensurate with the threat, therefore unavailable for a period to deal with core incidents which could have taken place concurrently which would incur greater travelling time to attend and therefore put people within our communities at greater risk.

“As a service we deplore the actions of the individual(s) responsible.”