Police warning after cash machine fraudsters strike

A skimming device can capture bank details
A skimming device can capture bank details
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People in Cupar are being warned to be on their guard after two cash machines in the town were sabotaged.

Officers in Cupar were called to Tesco’s at about 6.50pm on Tuesday and it was found that a skimming device had been placed on the ATM in an apparent attempt to obtain user bank details.

Shortly afterwards, a similar device was seized from the Clydesdale Bank ATM in St Catherine Street.

“Inquiries are on-going in respect of these reports and at this time we are warning members of the public to be on their guard and to have an awareness of these types of crimes,” said Sergeant Gary Combe of Police Scotland.

“ We are encouraging people to be extra vigilant when using ATMs and in particular looking out for any unusual equipment that may be attached to cash machines, or for anyone acting suspiciously at or near any location where an ATM is installed.”

“If you have any concerns about a cash machine, please do not use it, and contact police immediately.”