Police warning after spate of phone scams

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Police are concerned over a number of telephone scam in the Kirkcaldy area.

Callers, who often say they are from Microsoft or a broadband provider, are claiming that there is a virus or problem with a person’s computer or tablet device.

They will then try to persuade the person to give them remote access to their computer or tablet under the guise of ‘fixing this’, so they can gain entry to their online banking and steal money.

These criminals are also known to claim that they have fixed a problem with a person’s computer or tablet and try to persuade that person to give them payment in the form of iTunes vouchers.

PC Gary Kenhard, Community Safety Officer in Kirkcaldy, said: “These criminals can be very convincing and often play on people’s fears and vulnerabilities.

“If you receive a call of this nature, please take a moment to think before you take any action.

“Always be wary of callers who are trying to obtain personal information, get access to your computer or tablet, or who claim that you owe them money.

“Remember that a legitimate company will never ask you to pay for their services using iTunes vouchers.

“If in any doubt about a caller - hang up. Find a number for the company online, or in a previous correspondence with them, and call them back on your own terms to verify the claims being made.

“Christmas is a busy time of year that scammers can use to catch us when our attention and concerns may be elsewhere, so always remain vigilant.

“These people often target the elderly and vulnerable, so please advise relatives to be wary of these types of calls.”

Call blocking options are available and your telephone provider will usually offer this service in some form.