Police warning following increase in dog attacks

Owners are being urged to keep their dogs under control
Owners are being urged to keep their dogs under control

Police in Glenrothes are calling on dog owners to act responsibly and control their pets after reports of several “adverse confrontations” involving dog owners and other members of the public in recent weeks.

“Throughout the Fife area we have seen a number of incidents already this year of dogs being dangerously out of control,” explained Community Sergeant Kenny Greig.

“But following a particularly vicious attack on livestock in Leslie we are appealing to dog owners to ensure proper control of their dogs.

“We are thankful that there are many responsible dog owners but we would just like to remind them about the importance of making sure they are in control of their pet at all times.”

Police have now issued advice on how best to handle dogs and are warning owners with breeds which may be predisposed to being more aggressive must keep their pets under control.

“Legislative changes recently introduced mean that dog owners may now be prosecuted even when the dog is within its own home and it is important that this is borne in mind.”