Polite sign...and a £60 fine at Kirkcaldy hospital

Helen Hastie
Helen Hastie

Victoria Hospital has never introduced car parking charges but you can still be stung for a £60 Fife Council fine when picking up a patient.

That’s what Helen Hastie found out when she was issued a fixed penalty notice for parking in a bay outside the admissions ward - despite a ‘polite sign’ for drop off and pick up.

Helen (34), picked up her infirm aunt on July 10 but hospital discharge requirements delayed her return to the car by an hour.

In any case, traffic wardens had slapped a parking fine on her windscreen more than half an hour earlier.

“It’s a hospital for goodness’ sake,” said the furious businesswoman from Kennoway.

“Picking up and dropping off means dealing with patients who are ill, and in the case of my aunt, who couldn’t walk to the car park.

“The road markings say drop off and there are double yellow lines but NHS signs on every pillar adjacent to the bay contradict them.

“I felt the signs were an advert to park - there was no mention of any restrictions or time limits.”

Helen, whose appeal was rejected, added: “I can afford £60, I can afford £160, but that’s not the point. It’s misleading and actually deceitful.

“Personally, I’d rather pay to park than have to deal with that.

“I reckon I won’t be the first and certainly not the last to get a ticket.”

Fife Council confirmed its traffic wardens regularly patrolled the hospital grounds and had issued 340 fixed penalty notices at Victoria Hospital in just over 14 months.

Angus Carmichael, service manager (network management), said: “There is no requirement to have supplementary signage in conjunction with double yellow lines, which is the case at this location.

‘‘As detailed in the Highway Code, you are only permitted to load/unload goods or pick up/drop off passengers in these areas.”