Boris Johnson resignation:’Jaw dropping moments’ says Kirkcaldy MP after brutal PMQs

The resignation of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister today capped a remarkable 24 hours in British politics.

It was one that Kirkcaldy MP Neale Hanvey - who witnessed it first hand at Westminster - described as a “monumental day in our history.”

He was in he Commons for Prime Minister’s Questions on Tuesday which saw Johnson attacked by Labour leader, Sir Keir Starmer, and his own benches.

A two-hour grilling that followed at a Commons Liaison Committee proved to be compelling viewing as MPs subjected him to a forensic grilling as the resignations piled high - 59 MPs deserting the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson addresses the nation as he announces his resignation outside 10 Downing Street (Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images)

Mr Hanvey described the day’s rolling developments as “unbelievable.”

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It came after a brutal week of damaging headlines around Johnson’s handling of the Chris PIncher controversy.

The Tory MP was accused of groping two men at a private members club in London,

Neale Hanvey MP was in the Commons for a remarkable PMQs

At the time he was the deputy chief whip - a promotion made by the Prime Minister.

Downing Street said the Prime Minister was not aware of specific allegations, before admitting he had been told in 2019 - but only after the publication of a letter from former civil servant Lord McDonald destroyed the line given to MPs to defend in numerous TV interviews.

It was the final straw for many coming on the back of Partygate.

Said Mr Hanvey: “MPs were being sent out with lines to defend that were indefensible.

“Johnson has no idea of the importance of integrity of office, and Lord McDonald’s letter revealed the mendacity of the Prime Minister and his Government.”

Mr Hanvey said the jaw dropping moment of PMQs was when Keir Starmer read out the victim’s own words to a silent Commons. He described it as “absolutely chilling.”

“Starmer did an outstanding job and exposed Johnson’s disregard for the victim,” he added.

“Johnson tried to pick a fight with Labour which wasn’t attractive to watch.

“There is nothing worse than a populist politician no longer popular still relying on his populist lines. It does not work.”

Johnson left the chamber to cries of ‘Bye Boris’ - and the Fife MP was part of the chorus.

“There was no jubilation - more a sense of relief,” he said. “Disappointed relief from the Tories, and optimistic relief from the opposition benches that, finally, we were past the point of no return for his tenure a Prime Minister and the hope that maybe some integrity will return to the office.

“You saw the faces on the benches behind him and knew it was over.

“They even let SNP leader Ian Blackford speak! They The normally walk out or jeer him, but he was given space to make his contribution.”

Johnson’s ordeal was far from over as he then had to take two hours of questions from a liaison committee which gave him no room to bluster.

It was chaired by Tory MP Sir Bernard Jenkin, a long-standing ally, who turned on him, ordering him to “sort it out.”

It was, said Mr Hanvey, another”jaw dropping moment.”

He added: “But the problems within Westminster won’t be solved by replacing Boris

“It really does not matter who occupies 10 Downing Street – as long as they continue to hold Scottish democracy hostage it will only drive us forward.”