Clydesdale bosses challenged over St Andrews branch closure

Cllr Vener & MP Stephen Gethins outside the branch.
Cllr Vener & MP Stephen Gethins outside the branch.

Local MP Stephen Gethins and St Andrews councillor Ann Verner have challenged Clydesdale Bank bosses over their decision to close their branch in the town.

On Monday the local MP and councillor met with representatives of the bank to make them aware of the impact the closure will have, particularly on many elderly residents.

Mr Gethins said: “Many constituents have been in touch to express concerns. There are a number of common issues affecting customers, many of whom have loyally banked with Clydesdale for decades as well as some who live elsewhere in north east Fife and moved to the St Andrews branch when their own branches closed. One of the main benefits of the branch was its accessibility, customers could park very close. This is important for pensioners and the less mobile.”

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Mr Gethins said he also raised concerns expressed by small business owners who will lose access to cash as well as the impact of losing an ATM for residents, students and tourists who are all important to the local economy.

Cllr Verner added: “St Andrews does have a lot of elderly residents and it is all very well saying ‘go online’ but not everyone wants to and not everything can be done online. I also asked about the job security of those employed by Clydesdale Bank and about what will happen to the building.”

Following the meeting Clydesdale Bank representatives agreed to address the concerns of Mr Gethins and Cllr Verner in writing.