Call for Fife residents to get heating advice as amid rising energy crisis

Help is at hand to Fifers in need of heating advice.Help is at hand to Fifers in need of heating advice.
Help is at hand to Fifers in need of heating advice.
Amid rising bills and the recent energy crisis, Fife Council has urged residents to familiarise themselves with useful heating advice and where to go for help this winter if they need it.

The local authority is encouraging anyone struggling with the soaring cost of heating their home to use the free and impartial Cosy Kingdom service, which is open to all tenants and homeowners and has already helped more than 5,000 Fifers.

Are you worried about keeping your home warm this winter? With persistent headlines about rising bills and the recent energy crisis, it is a concern for many Fifers.

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Staff there offer support on how to get the most from their own heating system, low-cost practical ways to save energy, and advice on understanding bills, benefit entitlement or even dealing with energy companies.

Councillor Judy Hamilton, convener of Fife Council’s community and housing services sub committee, said: “Unfortunately switching energy provider for a better deal just isn’t a tactic that’s available to most people right now because of the energy crisis.

“Good fixed-rate deals on gas and electricity prices are very hard to come by. However, if you have never switched or have not compared your tariff in a long time, there may still be cheaper options available to you.

“The current situation makes it especially important that concerned householders are also aware of ways to save energy in their home.

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“By avoiding unnecessary heat or energy loss, it will hopefully help to contribute to cosier homes this winter.

“The small savings add up and saving energy makes your money go further.”

Helpful tips include turning off lights and appliances when not being used, programming heating to come on and off as you need it, moving furniture away from radiators, not wasting hot water, and using extra clothing or hot water bottles if required.

Fifers can get in touch with Cosy Kingdom by phoning 01592 807930, emailing [email protected] or texting ‘COSY’ then ‘YOUR NAME’ to 88440.

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Mrs Hamilton concluded: “If you do need help, we have welfare support officers working across Fife.

“They can help with advice on crisis and community care grants, foodbanks, community pantries and so much more.”

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