Fife Council Budget: What rent rise means to you

Councillors have confirmed a three per cent rise in council house rents.

The decision was the first action in today’s budget meeting which is expected to run for several hours at Fife House.

The rise was recommended by the joint Labour-SNP administration.

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It was the lowest of three options – the top line was 3.5 per cent – and they also agreed to freeze charges for lock-up garages.

Rents in Fife continue to be below the Scottish average.

Supporting the motion, Councillor Lesley Backhouse (SNP) said: “Our 30,000 plus tenants have given us their view on the proposed rent increasing.

“Housing staff work hard to deliver for tenants.

“During the General Election it gave me a chance to speak to tenants in Fife and got so many positive reactions.”