Fife Council reveals why it doesn’t drug test employees

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Fife Council has revealed that it does not drug test staff – despite a number of other local authorities having such a policy in place.

At a full council meeting, Cllr Tim Brett asked what for the local authority’s policy on testing for drug and alcohol use.

Five councils – including West Lothian and North Lanarkshire – across Scotland carry out regular random drug test employees,

Cllr Brett, Lib Dem leader, added: “I am aware that other local authorities in Scotland are testing, and, in particular, teachers. What is the position in Fife and, if testing is carried out, can more details be provided on the number of tests that have been carried out and the number that are positive?”

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Cllr Linda Erskine replied that in 2016, it was decided that testing would not be appropriate for Fife Council after a working group reviewed the policy.

She added: “The council’s management team endorsed the recommendation, and the introduction of drug and alcohol testing was not proportionate and would not be progressed.

“HR has also discussed with trades unions the general position of routinely testing employees and agreed that this approach would not be progressed at this time although the situation will be kept under review.”

There are disciplinary processes that the council would follow if there was suspicion of employees being under the influence.