Fife EU Count: SNP pays tribute to campaign team

EU polling card 2019
EU polling card 2019

The SNP in Fife say its vote has turned out in the European election.

Peter Grant MP, and the party’s Brexit spokesman, paid tribute to the party’s campaign teams who turned out and hit the streets.

The election was held on the back of uncertainty as the UK tried to secure its departure from Europe, and that meant none of the parties could forward plan in their usual way.

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EU count underway

With counting underway at the Michael Woods Sports Centre in Glenrothes, he said: “Our impression in Mid Fife and Glenrothes is the poll may be down slightly, but not a lot – certainly up on many people’s predictions.

“And even if it is on par with the 2014 election, it depends on who gets their vote out, and the indications are the SNP has.

The party is keen to top the regional poll – “we’ve never won an EU election here” – and build on its two seats at Brussels.

“We have come very close to winning three in the past, so that would be a great achievement,” he added.

“We weren’t even sure if this election was going to go ahead until very recently. The volunteers who are key to our teams didn’t have the time to arrange time off, so, in all of those circumstances, what they have done is quite exceptional.

“They worked themselves into the ground.”