Freight “crucial” to economic development in Levenmouth

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Restoring the freight line to Methil would maximise the economic opportunities offered by the restoration of the Levenmouth rail link, a local councillor has said.

The rail line used to be used for transporting items such as coal and woodpulp, however, this has not been the case in the last couple of decades.

But Cllr Colin Davidson has said that freight is ‘crucial’ to economic development during the restoration of the Levenmouth rail link.

“We need to try and maximise the opportunities the rail link and the River Leven project are going to bring,” said Cllr Davidson.

“We need to ensure the big players, such as Forth Ports, are involved in any discussions that would allow us to potentially open the freight line into Methil docks, which would allow cargo to go in and out.

“The line is in the same condition of the passenger line. But if we’re going to have economic growth, and maximise the potential for opportunities the rail link is going to bring, this has to be an integral part of that.”

Cllr Davidson said he has already met with Forth Ports about the potential of the area and that BiFab would be one of the businesses which could benefit from a freight line.

“We’ve got the piers at BiFab, the rail line, the docks, with a bit of investment we could probably replicate what they have done in Dundee - perhaps even supersede it, because we’ve got the workforce here that is currently dormant,” said Cllr Davidson. “And the people have the skills.”