Is it too much to ask that MPs sort out their own mess?

MPs seem to be oblivious to the frustrations of the people.
MPs seem to be oblivious to the frustrations of the people.

It’s odd to think that the UK is apparently in crisis at the moment. I mean, you’d be forgiven for thinking that everything was ok and that Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and even their neighbours in the republic are all in fact doing fine.

For years now, we’ve see our elected officials kick the Brexit football about half-heartedly, saying a lot, but doing little, as we find ourselves at the mercy of these idiots in their quest to drown any sort of hope for the future.

It’s dominated the news for what seems like a lifetime, with stories mainly in the vein of some out-of-touch buffoon positioning themselves to replace the current Prime Minister, who at the time of going to print is (insert name here).

Just kidding, I’m sure Mrs May will hang on for a few more months yet. None of the other ‘contenders’, as they see themselves, will want the job until Brexit is done and they can move into Number 10 with the policy of blaming everything on the previous incumbent.

The truth is, they’re all to blame for this mess. Every day we’ve had the story go back and forth as Westminster attempts to find the best possible way to completely torpedo the UK economy.

It’s like watching a crowd of chimps try to diffuse a bomb. But suddenly it’s gone all quiet. The news seems to have completely forgotten that we’re up the creek, and the last few weeks have been entirely bereft of the Brexit timebomb.

Initially I was pretty happy about it – a welcome break from all the usual infighting and tit-for-tat jibes that have been making a mockery of democracy (demockeracy?).

But then it hit me. The reason we haven’t seen any further progress from our MPs on their alleged attempts to avoid certain disaster is because parliament is on a break.

Sure, you might well say that everyone deserves a holiday, and for normal everyday people, you’d be right.

But these are politicians who are highly-paid and steeped in expenses, and I’d have to remind you just how high the stakes are.

We’re about to watch our country get flushed down the toilet without any kind of say from voters on the manner, or need for our demise.

Apparently MPs don’t want to let us vote on our fate because that would “undermine democracy”.

MPs have been able to vote three or four times now (I’ve genuinely lost count) on the exact same Brexit deal because they’re allowed tochange their minds, but the electorate aren’t?

I think they need reminding that they’re not there to rule us, they’re elected to represent us.

In news terms, a big breaking event happening out of hours means that journalists like those at the Press will be covering it – probably from home. When the stakes are suitably high, you’ll find yourself hurriedly putting breaking stories online because it’s important enough for people to know.

Given that the UK is facing the biggest crisis in generations, and time is ticking, would it really be too much to expect them to put in that wee bit extra effort to undo the tangled web of their own making?