Kirkcaldy’s youth parliament rep resigns

Former Kirkcaldy MSYP Kelly Given
Former Kirkcaldy MSYP Kelly Given

The Member of the Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP) for Kirkcaldy has resigned from the organisation, citing frustrations about a lack of representation.

Former Balwearie High School pupil Kelly Given (19), who works as a parliamentary caseworker and researcher for MSP David Torrance, quit the SYP after a year and a half in the role.

She said: “My main reason for leaving was I felt the board needed to better represent the views of the MSYPs. We didn’t get as much of a say as we should’ve. It needs to be reformed.”

Kelly was one of seven MSYPs to resign in quick succession.

Despite suggestions of sexism and bullying from other departing MSYPs, Kelly claimed she never experienced either during her time there. However, she did find that cliques, not necessarily related to political parties, influenced voting.

“It’s quite a cliquey organisation,” Kelly explained. “A lot of the MSYPs have been going there for years and are long-term friends.”

She thinks better communication would help solve some of the issues.

Kelly said: “Communication between members and the board would help. The board said they would address this but the MSYPs need to be better represented.”

Despite resigning from the post, Kelly is proud of some of her achievements during her time representing Kirkcaldy.

“I was one of Scotland’s representatives in Europe and went to Strasbourg,” she commented. “Representatives from other countries were impressed with our youth parliament and how forward thinking it was.”