Kirkcaldy Ukip candidate David Coburn in leadership bid

David Coburn. Picture: Ian GeorgesonDavid Coburn. Picture: Ian Georgeson
David Coburn. Picture: Ian Georgeson
Former Kirkcaldy Ukip candidate David Coburn has announced he will stand for the leadership of the Eurosceptic party.

Mr Coburn, an MEP, is UKIP’s only elected representative in Scotland. He received just 540 votes in Thursday’s General Election.

In typical style, Mr Coburn announced his candidacy via a confusing message on his popular Twitter account.

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He wrote: “I am announcing my candidacy for UKIP leader this time to stop Entryists Diletantes (sic) and single issue loonies I have had enough.”

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The party’s leader Paul Nuttall stood down after the party haemorrhaged support in Thursday’s election, going from around 4million votes to just under 600,000.

While it was thought inevitable UKIP would lose some votes following Brexit (Nuttall said thay were a victim of their own success) they were dogged by scandal around their leader.

Mr Nuttall was forced to walk back on a number of previous claims, including that he had lost close friends at the Hillsborough disaster, and that he had a PhD.

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Mr Coburn himself is no stranger to controversy, saying that a ‘woman was a special kind of man’ and comparing SNP Minister Humza Yousaf to terrorist supporting cleric Abu Hamza.

He has also become something of a figure of fun online for his blustering style and debates and his outspoken, and occasionally nonsensical Tweets.

Nigel Farage is currently the front runner to take the reigns at UKIP yet again, and Mr Coburn has said he will step aside if Mr Farage returns.

Bookmakers rate Mr Coburn a 20/1 outsider for the post.