Leading tenants’ group brand new library hub a “disgrace”

Ian Robertson said th new 'hub' facility is "nothing more than a couple of extra tables and pc's".
Ian Robertson said th new 'hub' facility is "nothing more than a couple of extra tables and pc's".

A leading tenant’s organisation has hit out at the revised library provision in Glenrothes – and urged politicians to honour promises made to save Glenwood library from closure.

Ian Robertson, chairman of Glenrothes Area Residents’ Federation has condemned the proposed library hub facility at Rothes Halls, which Fife Cultural Trust and Fife Council said would compensate for the closure of four libraries in the Glenrothes area, as “a disgrace”.

“We were promised a library hub facility that would provide an equal, if not better, replacement for the forced closure of libraries across the town, but all we have actually received is a few desks and a handful of extra computers,” said Mr Robertson.

“It’s an insult to the people of Glenrothes and the surrounding communities such as Markinch, Glenwood, Thornton and Pitteuchar, who have lost their library provision.

“We were promised a major alternative in the town centre, but that has certainly not materialised.

“We were sold an alternative to counter Fife Council’s need to make savings, yet that has not been delivered. What Glenrothes has ended up with is nothing short of shameful.”

Mr Robertson has now called for the closures to be overturned, and has urged the town’s SNP councillors, who promised to overturn the decision to close Glenwood library if elected, to deliver on that commitment.

He said: “The argument for saving Glenwood library was presented and promises made.

“I now call on the new joint Fife Council administration not only to reverse the decision to close the Glenwood facility, but to develop it into the community hub the west of Glenrothes is crying out for. “

Having promised to reverse the closure of Glenwood in the lead up to last month’s local council election, SNP councillor Craig Walker said he is hopeful of a favourable outcome regarding Glenwood.

The closure was part of 16 facilities listed for closure as part of a move by Fife Cultural Trust to meet budget cuts demanded by Fife Council.

There has been widespread condemnation of the plans since they were first announced in June 2015.

A campaign was launched to save Glenwood library, which is situated within one of the most disadvantaged areas in Fife.

A move by two of the town’s main tenants’ groups to take on the running of the building creating a community hub, has stalled in recent months due to an dispute over lease arrangements.