Leuchars community council looks set to fold

Leuchars Community Council takes care of the village's planters.
Leuchars Community Council takes care of the village's planters.

Leuchars Community Council looks set to fold after no new office bearers have come forward.

Caroll Finnie, who has been chairman of the council for 12 years, is standing down from the post, along with long-serving treasurer Mark Sharp.

Now a public meeting is to be held in the village tonight (Friday) to enlist a new chairman and treasurer for the council.

If the no one volunteers, moves will be made to dissolve the council and transfer its assets to Fife Council to be held in trust for a future Community Council, if established, or other such organisations as determined by Fife Council.

“No one on the council is willing to take on these posts,” Mrs Finnie said this week, explaining: “According to our constitution, I have to call this meeting and see if anyone is interested in taking on these roles. This goes back to May when I told the council I was standing down – you think surely someone will come forward.”

Leuchars Community Council has been active in the community. Its activities have included provision of the planting around the village, close involvement with the transition of the Leuchars military base from RAF to army in recent years – and continuing liaison between military and civilian communities – and commenting on planning applications, most recently defeating proposals for a major housing development on the outskirts of the village.

However, until recently, the council has struggled to recruit members.

Mrs Finnie reported a few new members this year but commented: “I don’t think they realised the amount of work that all members do – certainly as chairman, it is not a nine to five job.”

Local Fife councillor Tim Brett said he would be disappointed if the council folded: “I really value community councils. They provide me with people I can talk to about issues in their area and who can guide me and tell me what they think.

“Particularly in Leuchars, the council does a whole lot of other things too – it would be a disaster if the council dissolved.”

Local Fife councillor, Bill Connor, however, was confident that new office bearers would be found: “There have been indications from other members of the community council they would be willing to take up the posts,”he said.

“I am sure there are people who want it to continue because it is so important to the locality.”