Leven councillor wants dash cams for taxis in bid to catch vandals

Councillor Colin Davidson.
Councillor Colin Davidson.

A Leven councillor has called for dash cams to be installed in taxis in the area, in a bid to curb crime in the area.

Cllr Colin Davidson believes the cameras could help catch fly tippers, antisocial bikers, vandals, and even missing people.

He made the call following complaints of vandalism in the Levenmouth area – including a flower bed which has been supported as part of a childhood cancer awareness campaign.

“It’s an unwelcome development,” said Cllr Davidson.

“It seems a few people have taken it upon themselves to steal plants and equipment. They are stealing from individuals and from the wider community. It’s absolutely stupid.

“We’re trying to make Levenmouth a place where people will stop.”

Cllr Davidson is now speaking with Fife Council officers to see if the local authority could provide some funding for the cameras.

It also follows an incident of vandalism in Buckhaven last week.

Volunteers hit out at vandals after three palm trees were snapped – less than 24 hours after being planted.

The trees were planted by local environment group CLEAR after being donated.

Member Allen Armstrong said other plants have also been vandalised in the area, describing the issue as a “long-running problem”.

Bark has also been removed from a few trees in Buckhaven, which it is thought are around 90-100 years old.

Allen described the vandalism as “discouraging”, adding: “It’s mindless. We can’t replace those trees.

“It’s a constant battle when resources are running low. It also effects and undermines the efforts of the volunteers.

“Other groups are trying to get things moving and get things done. It’s hard to create, but easy to destroy.”

This incident comes just over a month after planters were stolen from the entrance to the town.

The troughs had been placed on gates on Methilhaven Road, but were stolen after just a few days.

Decorative tree lights installed by Buckhaven and Denbeath Community Council have also been torn out.