Lib Dem battle bus comes to town

Tim Farron (left) in St Andrews with local candidate Elizabeth Riches and former North East Fife MP Lord Campbell.
Tim Farron (left) in St Andrews with local candidate Elizabeth Riches and former North East Fife MP Lord Campbell.

The Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron MP took his battle bus to St Andrews yesterday as the fight for Westminster seats got underway.

He was joined on the General Election campaign trail by Scottish leader Willie Rennie and North east Fife candidate Elizabeth Riches as they took a walk through town.

The seat, which had been traditionally held by Lord Menzies Campbell, swung to the SNP in 2015 when Stephen Gethins snatched a 4344-strong majority.

“In this election people in seats like these have a straight choice,” said Mr Farron

“They can reward Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond by sending another SNP cheerleader for independence to Westminster. Or voters can opt for a local Lib Dem champion who will reject independence, oppose a damaging hard Brexit and advocate for investment in mental health and education.

“A vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote for a local champion. A vote for the SNP is a vote for a cheerleader for independence.

“We can use this election to bring an end to the division over independence by backing the Liberal Democrats.”

The NE Fife constituency is one of a number of SNP-held seats across Scotland which will be keenly fought for by the Scottish Conservatives and the Scottish Liberal Democrats.

Elizabeth Riches, who has represented the East Neuk for 27 years area as councillor, said: “I want to be the Member of Parliament for North East Fife so that I can stand up in Westminster for our area.

“North East Fife deserves a representative who will put the needs of the local area first.

“I will aim to provide a first class service for the constituency just like Menzies Campbell and I will work as part of a strong local team alongside our councillors and Willie Rennie.

Mrs Riches, who also served as leader of the opposition in Fife Council for ten years and depute leader of Fife Council from 2007-2012, added: “I will use my experience as a teacher, councillor for the East Neuk and deputy leader of Fife Council to serve the best interests of the area.

“Local people rejected independence by a large margin and should have an MP who can speak for them. Scottish independence is not in the interests of the academic, fishing, farming and tourism sectors.”