Links Market to get pop up bar in 2020

Links Market, Kirkcaldy. Pic: Michael Gillen
Links Market, Kirkcaldy. Pic: Michael Gillen

A pop up bar is to be set up near the Links Market next year.

Stanley Reeves of S&D Leisure will be setting up a bar at the old bus depot on the Esplanade in 2020.

Councillors on Fife Licensing Board granted permission for the bar on the outskirts of the market at a meeting on Monday, despite police objections.

At the meeting, Inspector Stewart McMillan said: “This has never been an event that previously needed alcohol. Individual anti social behaviour already has potential to affect the event. The presence of a bar selling alcohol will only add to the discontent.”

However, solicitor Janet Hood argued: “My client applied last year and there was no objections then. Unfortunately it came too late for them to be able to set anything up.

“Mr Reeves has been part of the Showmen’s Guild for over 40 years, running successful events south of the border. My client is aware that the Showmen don’t like to have bars within the event, which is why it will be adjacent to the market.”

S&D hosted their first Scottish pop up bar at the Glasgow Christmas Market last year.

The Links pop up bar will contain both inside and outside seating areas, with up to 200 person capacity.

Some councillors raised concerns over the idea, with Councillor Alistair Cameron saying: “As someone who knows the area well, I am uncomfortable with this application. We haven’t seen as many issues over the last couple of years, and there was a campaign to reduce alcohol consumption within the market.”

Mr Reeves told the board that the alcohol would be priced higher than local pubs, due to the nature of the business. He added: “This is not for people who want to drink four or five beers at the Market.”

Councillor Garry Haldane moved that the application be granted, while Cllr Cameron proposed that it should be refused due to public safety grounds. However the board voted five to three to allow the bar to go ahead.