Local elections: The Fife results in full

The results for Fife Council were declared on Friday. How did your ward votew? Who got in? Who lost out?'¨Here's the full list of results with the number of first preference votes received for each candidate:

Saturday, 6th May 2017, 1:08 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:51 pm

Ward 1 – West Fife & Coastal Villages:

Aude Boubaker-Calder (Lib Dems) 360;

Bobby Clelland Lab 1,682

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Suzanne Davies (Lab) 538

Willie Gavin (SNP) 990

Martin Keatings (Ind) 220

Mino Manekshaw (Con) 1,186

Kate Stewart (SNP) 1.084

Jeroen Van Leeuwen (Green) 151

Candidates elected: Bobby Clelland (Lab); Mino Manekshaw. (Con); Kate Stewart, (SN)

Turnout: 48.7%

Ward 2 - Dunfermline North

Michael Boyd (Lab) 752

Gavin Ellis (Con) 1,264

Ian Ferguson (SNP) 1,186

Fiona Elizabeth Fisher (SNP) 662

Mags Hall (Green) 203

Bryn Jones (Lib Dems) 458

Helen Law (Lab) 863

Candidates elected: Gavin Ellis (Con); Ian Ferguson (SNP); Helen Law (Lab)

Turnout: 46%

Ward 3 - Dunfermline Central

Alan Craig (Con) 1,768

Garry Haldane (Lab) 832

Jean Hall Muir (SNP) 1.359

Neale Hanvey (SNP) 821

Doug Hay (Ind) 655

Deek Jackson (Ind) 27

Lauren Jones (Lib Dems) 509

Jim Leishman (Lab) 1,115

Kerstin Romano (Green) 238Candidates elected: Alan Craig (Con); Garry Haldane (Lab); Jean Hall Muir (SNP),

Jim Leishman (Lab)

Turnout: 47.7%

Ward 4 - Dunfermline South

James Calder (Lib Dems) 1,224

Michael Collie (Green) 245

Brian John Goodall (SNP) 1,128

Ross Paterson (Lab) 1,086

Billy Pollock (Lab) 521

David Ross (Con) 1,660

Fay Sinclair (SNP0 1,302

Candidates electeed: James Calder (Lib Dems); Ross Paterson (Lab); David Ross (Con); Fay Sinclair (SNP)

Turnout: 44.2%

Ward 5 - Rosyth

Wendy Chmberlain (Lib Dems) 377

Steven Leckie (Ind) 156

Alstair MacIntyre (Ind) 89

Fiona Mcowan (Greens) 147

Tony Orton (Con) 1,136

Mike Shirkie (Ind) 402

Samantha Steele (SNP) 1,118

Andrew Verrecchia (Lab) 932

Sharon Wilson (SNP) 742

Candidates elected: Tony Orton (Con); Samantha Steele (SNP); Andrew Verrecchia (Lab)

Turnout: 44.2%

Ward 6 - Inverkeithing and Dalgety Bay

David John Barratt (SNP) 1,165

Helen Cannon-Todd (Ind) 564

Dave Dempsey (Con) 2,841

David John Hansen (Greens) 271

Callum Hawthorne (Lib Dems) 388

Lesley Laird (Lab) 1,305

Alice McGarry (SNP) 1,229

Candidates elected: David John Barratt (SNP); Dave Dempsey (Con); Lesley Laird (Lab); Alice McGarry (SNP)

Turnout: 54.3%

Ward 7 - Cowdenbeath

Alistair Bain (SNP) 1,415

Ann Bain (SNP)799

Alex Campbell (Lab) 2,065

Angela Dixon (Greens) 150

Gary Guichan (Lab) 1,030

Elizabeth Riches (Lib Dems) 101

Darren Watt (Con) 1,013

Candidates elected: Alistair Bain (SNP); Alex Campbell (Lab); Gary Guichan (Lab); Dareen Watt (Con)

Turnout: 40.8%

Ward 8 - Lochgelly, Cardenden and Benarty

Mary Bain Lockhart (Lab) 1,257

Scott Gilbert Campbell (Con) 497

Linda Erskine (Lab) 1,033

James Glenn (Ind) 263

Rosemary Liewald (SNP) 990

Ronnie Mackie (Greens) 70

Lea McLelland (SNP) 994

Candidates elected: Mary Bain Lockhart (Lab); Linda Erskine (Lab); Rosemary Liewald (SNP); Lea McClelland (SNP)

Turnout: 38.2%

Ward 9 - Burntisland, Kinghorn and Western Kirkcaldy

Lesley Backhouse (SNP) 1,144

Peter George (Ind) 239

Gordon Langlands (Lab) 761

Kathleen Leslie (Con) 1,479

Susan Leslie (Lib Dems) 769

Roy William Mackie (Ind) 475

Stuart McPhail (SNP) 429

Bill Mair (Solidarity) 36

Scott Rutherford (Greens) 314

Fiona Sword (Lab) 242

Candidates elected: Lesley Backhouse (SNP); Gordon Langlands (Lab); Kathleen Leslie (Con).

Turnout: 51.5%

Ward 10 - Kirkcaldy North

Neil Crooks (Lab) 1,486

Harald Gavin (Lib Dems) 129

Jane Glen (SNP) 570

Susan Natalie Jeynes (Greens) 149

James Leslie (Con) 896

Carol Lindsay (SNP) 1,076

David Ross (Lab)O 757

Candidates elected: Neil Crooks (Lab); Carol lindsay (SNP); David Ross (Lab)

Turnout: 41.8%

Ward 11 - Kirkcaldy Central

Alistair Cameron (Lab) 898

Tricia Dakers (Lib Dems) 138

Judy Hamilton (Lab) 845

Zoe Hisbent (SNP) 1,138

Cairinee MacDonald (Greens) 223

Calum Paul (Scottish Libetarian Party) 16

Daniel Penman (Ind) 145

Dorothy Ross (Con) 865

Maciej Wiczynski (SNP) 610

Candidates elected: Alistair Cameron, (Lab); Judy Hamilton (Lab); Zoe Hisbent (SNP)

Turnout: 43.6%

Ward 12 - Kirkcaldy East

Ian John Cameron (Lab) 985

Mhairi Caitlin Cameron (Lab) 199

Rod Cavanagh (SNP) 897

Sandy Forbes (Greens) 164

Steve McMahon (SNP) 533

Marie Penman (Ind) 421

Matthew Ritchie (Ind) 108

Stephen William Rottger (Lib Dems) 75

Richard Watt (Con) 611

Candidates elected: Ian John Cameron (Lab); Rod Cavanagh (SNP); Richard Watt (Con)

Turnout: 38.3%

Ward 13 - Glenrothes West and Kinglassie

Bill Brown (Ind) 460

Lewis Alan Campbell (Greens) 87

Altany Craik (Lab) 1,252

David Croll (Con) 723

Julie Ford (SNP) 1,442

Martin Green (UKIP) 63

Derek Preston Lib Dems) 86

Craig Walker (SNP) 659

Candidates elected: Altany Craik (Lab); Julie Ford (SNP); Craig Walker (SNP)

Turnout: 40%

Ward 14 - Glenrothes North, Leslie and Markinch

John Beare (SNP) 1,123

Jamie Donaldson (No Referendum, Maintain Union, Pro-Brexit) 249

Fiona Grant (SNP) 1,704

Michael Green (Con) 1,508

Kate Legg (Lib Dems) 204

Kyle Mackie (Ind) 81

Lorna Ross (Greens) 232

Jan Wincott (Lab) 949

John Wincott (Lab) 514

Candidates elected: John Beare (SNP); Fiona Grant (SNP); Michael Green (Con); Jan Wincott (Lab)

Turnout: 46.1%

Ward 15 - Glenrothes Central and Thornton

Ian Crichton (Ind) 151

Jane Kerr (Lib Dems) 128

Glen McGill (Greens) 117

Brian Mills (Con) 716

Derek Noble (Lab) 750

Ian Robertson (Ind) 88

Ian Sloan (Lab) 663

Bert Thomson (Ind) 71

Ross Vettraino (SNP) 1,362

Vikki Wilton (SNP) 799

Candidates elected: Derek Noble (Lab); Ross Vettraino (SNP); Vikki Wilton (SNP)

Turnout: 41.4%

Ward 16 - Howe of Fife and Tay Coast

Jane Freer (Ind) 112

Rosie Grant (Greens) 335

Andy Heer (Con) 1,413

Violeta Ilendo (SNP) 695

Donald Lothian (Lib Dems) 2,156

David MacDiarmid (SNP) 1,002

Joshua Osborne (Lab) 226

Candidates elected: Andy Heer (Con); Donald Lothian (Lib Dems); David MacDiarmid (SNP)

Turnout: 53.2%

Ward 17 - Tay Bridgehead

Tim Brett (Lib Dems) 2,270

Bill Connor (SNP) 1,197

Fergus Cook (Greens) 247

Robert Drysdale (Con) 1,079

Derek Gray (SNP) 642

Jane O’Neill (Lab) 340

Jonny Tepp (Lib Dems) 657

Candidates elected: Tim Brett (Lib Dems); Bill Connor (SNP); Jonny Tepp (Lib Dems)

Turnout: 56.8%

Ward 18 - St Andrews

Andy Collins (Greens) 283

Clare Fisher (Ind) 62

Jane Ann Liston (Lib Dems) 1,083

Mariam Mahmood (Lib Dems) 451

Christopher McKinlay (Ind) 73

Dorothea Morrison (Ind) 496

Dominic Nolan (Con) 1,007

Brian Thomson (Lab) 640

Colin Veitch (SNP) 404

Ann Verner (SNP) 528

Candidates elected: Jane Anne Liston (Lib Dems(; Dominic Nolan (Con); Brian Thomson (Lab); Ann Verner (SNP)

Turnout: 49.8%

Ward 19 - East Neuk and Landward

Benjamin Bridgman (Greens) 222

John Docherty (SNP) 703

Rosalind Garton (Lab) 242

Alisdair Gilbert (Lib Dems) 891

Margaret Harper (SNP) 634

Linda Holt (Con) 1,508

Bill Porteous Lib Dems) 1,014

Candidates elected: John Docherty (SNP); Linda Holt (Con); Bill Porteous (Lib Dems)

Turnout: 52%

Ward 20 - Cupar

Jenny Collins (Greens) 275

Margaret Kennedy (Lib Dems) 2,401

Karen Marjoram (SNP) 1,064

Helen Martin (Lab) 234

Tony Miklinkski (Con) 1,561

Steven Mitchell Simpson (SNP) 359

Candidates elected: Margaret Kennedy (Lib Dems); Karen Alison Marjoram (SNP) Tony Miklinski, (Con)

Turnout: 53.6%

Ward 21 - Leven, Kennoway and Largo

Thomas Adams (Lab) 872

David Alexander (SNP) 1,506

Colin Davidson (Lab) 885

Craig Duncan (Solidarity) 25

Iain Morrice (Greens) 115

Graham Ritchie (Con) 1,339

Alistair Suttie (SNP) 1,002

Steve Wood (Lib Dems) 625

Candidates elected: David Alexander (SNP); Colin Davidson (Lab); Graham Ritchie (Con); Alistair Suttie (SNP)

Turnout: 43.7%

Ward 22 - Buckhaven, Methil and Wemyss Villages

Leslie Bain (SNP 635

Keith Henry Barton (Con) 507

Ken Caldwell (SNP) 842

Eunice Cameron (Ind) 57

Stephen Ferguson (Greens) 78

David Graham (Lab) 1,661

Ronald Hunter (Ind) 137

John O’Brien (SNP) 991

Rory Roberson (Lib Dems) 62

Ryan Smart (Lab) 498

Candidates elected: Ken Caldwell (SNP); David Graham (Lab); John O’Brien (SNP); Ryan Smart (Lab)