Local elections: The Glenrothes vote

No matter how the negotiations to run Fife Coubcil go, the SNP are firmly in control in Glenrothes.

Saturday, 6th May 2017, 2:26 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:21 pm
Ward 15 is announced at Rothes Halls  Fife Photo Agency
Ward 15 is announced at Rothes Halls Fife Photo Agency

The party has the MP, MSP and now the area committee all in its portfolio.

The committee, which has been the source of many fierce debates in recent years, can now be re-shaped once more.

The nationalists saw all their established councillors safely returned, and they also claimed their number one target by ousting Bill Brown – former party member turned independent – in Glenrothes West.

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Labour saw Altany Craik and Jan Wincott safely returned, while Derek Noble will be their new face round the table, but there were no seats for John Wincott or Ian Sloan.

The Tories also enjoyed local success with Michael Green in Glenrothes North.

Ward 13 - Glenrothes West and Kinglassie

Bill Brown (Ind) 460

Lewis Alan Campbell (Greens) 87

Altany Craik (Lab) 1,252

David Croll (Con) 723

Julie Ford (SNP) 1,442

Martin Green (UKIP) 63

Derek Preston Lib Dems) 86

Craig Walker (SNP) 659

Candidates elected: Altany Craik (Lab); Julie Ford (SNP); Craig Walker (SNP)

Turnout: 40%

Ward 14 - Glenrothes North, Leslie and Markinch

John Beare (SNP) 1,123

Jamie Donaldson (No Referendum, Maintain Union, Pro-Brexit) 249

Fiona Grant (SNP) 1,704

Michael Green (Con) 1,508

Kate Legg (Lib Dems) 204

Kyle Mackie (Ind) 81

Lorna Ross (Greens) 232

Jan Wincott (Lab) 949

John Wincott (Lab) 514

Candidates elected: John Beare (SNP); Fiona Grant (SNP); Michael Green (Con); Jan Wincott (Lab)

Turnout: 46.1%

Ward 15 - Glenrothes Central and Thornton

Ian Crichton (Ind) 151

Jane Kerr (Lib Dems) 128

Glen McGill (Greens) 117

Brian Mills (Con) 716

Derek Noble (Lab) 750

Ian Robertson (Ind) 88

Ian Sloan (Lab) 663

Bert Thomson (Ind) 71

Ross Vettraino (SNP) 1,362

Vikki Wilton (SNP) 799

Candidates elected: Derek Noble (Lab); Ross Vettraino (SNP); Vikki Wilton (SNP)

Turnout: 41.4%