Local elections: The Kirkcaldy vote ...

Labour will continue to be the dominant party on Kirkcaldy's area committee.

Saturday, 6th May 2017, 2:19 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:51 pm
The result for Ward 11 Kirkcaldy Central about to be declared (Pic: FPA)
The result for Ward 11 Kirkcaldy Central about to be declared (Pic: FPA)

The party returned six councillors locally, including committee chairman, Neil Crooks,

For the first time, the committee will have two Tories – but no Lib Dem representation.

The biggest ward shake-up came in Burntisland, Kinghorn and western Kirkcaldy which has a brand new trio of councillors.

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George Kay’s retiral opened the door to at least one new face, but the shock defeat of Susan Leslie saw the ward shaken up, and Kathleen Leslie taking one of the seats for the Tories.

Stuart McPhail moved into the Burntisland ward in a bid to replace Mr Kay, but was beaten, while former SNP councillor turned independent, Marie Penman, was ousted by the narrowest of margins in Kirkcaldy East.

The ward she formerly represented sent newcomer Rod Kavanagh (SNP) to Fife House, along with Ian Cameron, son of long-serving Dysart councillor, Jock.

Ward 9 - Burntisland, Kinghorn and Western Kirkcaldy

Lesley Backhouse (SNP) 1,144

Peter George (Ind) 239

Gordon Langlands (Lab) 761

Kathleen Leslie (Con) 1,479

Susan Leslie (Lib Dems) 769

Roy William Mackie (Ind) 475

Stuart McPhail (SNP) 429

Bill Mair (Solidarity) 36

Scott Rutherford (Greens) 314

Fiona Sword (Lab) 242

Candidates elected: Lesley Backhouse (SNP); Gordon Langlands (Lab); Kathleen Leslie (Con).

Turnout: 51.5%

Ward 10 - Kirkcaldy North

Neil Crooks (Lab) 1,486

Harald Gavin (Lib Dems) 129

Jane Glen (SNP) 570

Susan Natalie Jeynes (Greens) 149

James Leslie (Con) 896

Carol Lindsay (SNP) 1,076

David Ross (Lab)O 757

Candidates elected: Neil Crooks (Lab); Carol lindsay (SNP); David Ross (Lab)

Turnout: 41.8%

Ward 11 - Kirkcaldy Central

Alistair Cameron (Lab) 898

Tricia Dakers (Lib Dems) 138

Judy Hamilton (Lab) 845

Zoe Hisbent (SNP) 1,138

Cairinee MacDonald (Greens) 223

Calum Paul (Scottish Libetarian Party) 16

Daniel Penman (Ind) 145

Dorothy Ross (Con) 865

Maciej Wiczynski (SNP) 610

Candidates elected: Alistair Cameron, (Lab); Judy Hamilton (Lab); Zoe Hisbent (SNP)

Turnout: 43.6%

Ward 12 - Kirkcaldy East

Ian John Cameron (Lab) 985

Mhairi Caitlin Cameron (Lab) 199

Rod Cavanagh (SNP) 897

Sandy Forbes (Greens) 164

Steve McMahon (SNP) 533

Marie Penman (Ind) 421

Matthew Ritchie (Ind) 108

Stephen William Rottger (Lib Dems) 75

Richard Watt (Con) 611

Candidates elected: Ian John Cameron (Lab); Rod Cavanagh (SNP); Richard Watt (Con)

Turnout: 38.3%