Local Elections: Latest results updated...

Ian Sloan and Bill Brown have been ousted.
Ian Sloan and Bill Brown have been ousted.

The SNP has lost another big name in Fife.

It has lost its party leader Neale Hanvey, and now the man he succeeded, Brian Goodall, is also out.

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He was defeated in Dunfermline South where the party’s education spokesman, Fay Sinclair, retained her seat.

The Tories came up trumps again with David Ross also winning in the ward – and on his birthday!

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Labour has made a good start to its campaign in Kirkcaldy where it recorded a one-two in Kirkcaldy Central.

Judy Hamilton was returned along with Alistair Cameron who was standing as a first-time candidate.

But the ward poll was topped by the SNP’s Zoe Hisbent to complete the trio of councillors elected.

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In Glenrothes West and Kinglassie, Bill Brown, the former SNP councillor standing as an independent was defeated as the Nationalists claimed a one-two with Julie Ford and Craig Walker re-elected. Altany Craik also held his seat for Labour.

In Glenrothes central, Ian Sloan was ousted, but Ross Vettraino held his seat.

In Buckhaven, Councillor David Graham (Lab) and John O’Brien (SNP) were both re-elected.

Councillor Graham said he was “overwhelmed” at the vote he gained, adding: “We made the focus local issues and will continue to do so for the next five years.”

The ward also saw Ryan Smart elected for the first time for Labour.

The story so far ...

The Tories are the early winners at Fife Council - and the SNP has lost its leader.

Neale Hanvey was ousted by just 11 votes in Dunfermline Central - the first big shock defeat of the day at Rothes Halls.

Jim Leishman, Provost, eased back with a solid vote.

Elsewhere, the Tories are enjoying the day - they have claimed a seat in each of the three seats declared so far, including one in Cowdenbeath.

Mino Manekshwa gained a seat in the west Fife and coastal villages ward, and will be joined at Fife House by Gavin Ellis from Dunfermline North, and Alan Craig in Dunfermline Central.

And the good news continued for them as they grabbed a seat in Cowdenbeath.

Brian Goodall, former SNP leader in Fife, said: “We are all gutted for Neale. The system is a fairer one, but it is very difficult to predict.

“Neale has done a fantastic job as leader, and has been a fantastic councillor for the past five years.

“To lose by such a close margin is extremely disappointing.”

There were shocks in Burntisland as Susan Leslie lost her seat, and Stuart McPhail was also ousted - blows for the Lib Dems and SNP respectively -while the Tories marched on with Kathleen Leslie winning her seat at the table.

It also had the highest turnout at 51% - the rest have come in at 40-47%.

Ward 1 West Fife & Coastal Vilages

Clelland (Lab) 1682

Nanekshaw |(Con) 1186

Stewart (SNP) 1084

Ward 2 Dunfermline North

Ellis (Con)1264

Ferguson (SNP) 1186

Law (Lab) 863

Ward 3 Dunfermline Central

Craig (Con) 1786

Haldane (Lab)832

Hall Muir (SNP) 1359

Leishman (Lab) 1115

Ward 7 Cowdenbeath

Bain (SNP) 1415

Campbell (Lab) 2065

Guichhan (Lab) 1030

Watt (Con) 1013

Ward 8 Lochgelly, Cardenden & Benarty

Lockhart (Lab) 1257

Erskine (LAb) 1033

McLelland (SNP 994

Liewald (SNP) 990

Ward 9 Burntisland, Kinghorn & Western Kirkcaldy

Backhouse (SNP) 1144

Leslie (Con) 1479

Langlands (Lab) 761

Ward 10 Kirkcaldy North

Crooks (Lab) 1486

Lindsay (SNP) 1076

Ross (LAb) 757

Ward 11 Kirkcaldy Central

Hamilton (Lab) 845

Hisbent (SNP) 1138

Cameron (Lab) 899

Ward 13 Glenrothes West & Kinglassie

Craik (LAb) 1252

Ford (SNP) 1442

Walker (SNP) 659

Ward 15

Vettraino (SNP) 1362

Wilton (SNP) 799

Noble (Lab) 750

Ward 16 Howe of Fife & Tay Coast

Lothian (Lib Dems) 2156

Heer (Con) 1413

NacDiarmid (SNP) 1002

Ward 17 Tay Bridgehead

Brett (Lid Dem( 2270

Connor (SNP) 1197

Tepp (Lib Dems) 857

Ward 18 St Andrews

Liston (Lib Dems) 1083

Nolan (Con) 1007

Thomson (Lab) 640

Verner (SNP) 528

Ward 19 East Neuk & Landward

Holt (Con) 1505

Porteous (Lib Dem) 1014

Docherty (SNP:) 703

Ward 20 Cupar

Kennedy (Lib Dem) 2401

Miklnski (Con) 1561

MArjoram (SNP) 1094