Local elections: The Leven vote ...

There was a shake-up of councillors across Leven and the east Neuk.

Saturday, 6th May 2017, 2:24 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:51 pm
The election count at Rothes Halls (Pic: Fife Photo Agency)

The biggest shock perhaps was the defeat of Tom Adams in Leven, Kennoway and Largo – Labour losing a hard-working councillor, while also processing the rare sight of a Tory candidate claiming a seat in the area; Graham Ritchie securing one of the ward’s four seats to join Dave Dempsey’s growing army at Fife House.

Labour did get some new faces home in the shape of Colin Davidson, after he stood unsuccessfully in the recent by-election, and Ryan Smart, while David Graham eased to victory with a thumping vote.

The SNP duo of David Alexander and John O’Brien were both comfortably returned.

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Ward 19 - East Neuk and Landward

Benjamin Bridgman (Greens) 222

John Docherty (SNP) 703

Rosalind Garton (Lab) 242

Alisdair Gilbert (Lib Dems) 891

Margaret Harper (SNP) 634

Linda Holt (Con) 1,508

Bill Porteous (Lib Dems) 1,014

Candidates elected: John Docherty (SNP); Linda Holt (Con); Bill Porteous (Lib Dems)

Turnout: 52%

Ward 21 - Leven, Kennoway and Largo

Thomas Adams (Lab) 872

David Alexander (SNP) 1,506

Colin Davidson (Lab) 885

Craig Duncan (Solidarity) 25

Iain Morrice (Greens) 115

Graham Ritchie (Con) 1,339

Alistair Suttie (SNP) 1,002

Steve Wood (Lib Dems) 625

Candidates elected: David Alexander (SNP); Colin Davidson (Lab); Graham Ritchie (Con); Alistair Suttie (SNP)

Turnout: 43.7%

Ward 22 - Buckhaven, Methil and Wemyss Villages

Leslie Bain (SNP 635

Keith Henry Barton (Con) 507

Ken Caldwell (SNP) 842

Eunice Cameron (Ind) 57

Stephen Ferguson (Greens) 78

David Graham (Lab) 1,661

Ronald Hunter (Ind) 137

John O’Brien (SNP) 991

Rory Roberson (Lib Dems) 62

Ryan Smart (Lab) 498

Candidates elected: Ken Caldwell (SNP); David Graham (Lab); John O’Brien (SNP); Ryan Smart (Lab)