Local elections: The north-east Fife vote ...

The Liberal Democrats' north-east heartland came to the rescue to ensure the party retained a presence at Fife House.

Saturday, 6th May 2017, 2:29 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:57 pm

It failed to win any seats in Kirkcaldy, Leven, or Glenrothes, and only had one seat – James Calder in Dunfermline South – to show for their campaigning until the north-east Fife vote was counted.

And it delivered six more councillors, including Tim Brett , Donald Lothian and Jane Anne Liston.

Karen Marjoram was among the SNP’s returnees, retaining her Cupar seat, but she also ended the day as the party’s interim leader following the shock defeat of Neale Hanvey in Dunfermline.

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The Tories added a quartet of seats to their quota, while Brian Thomson was left to fly the flag for Labour.

Ward 16 - Howe of Fife and Tay Coast

Jane Freer (Ind) 112

Rosie Grant (Greens) 335

Andy Heer (Con) 1,413

Violeta Ilendo (SNP) 695

Donald Lothian (Lib Dems) 2,156

David MacDiarmid (SNP) 1,002

Joshua Osborne (Lab) 226

Candidates elected: Andy Heer (Con); Donald Lothian (Lib Dems); David MacDiarmid (SNP)

Turnout: 53.2%

Ward 17 - Tay Bridgehead

Tim Brett (Lib Dems) 2,270

Bill Connor (SNP) 1,197

Fergus Cook (Greens) 247

Robert Drysdale (Con) 1,079

Derek Gray (SNP) 642

Jane O’Neill (Lab) 340

Jonny Tepp (Lib Dems) 657

Candidates elected: Tim Brett (Lib Dems); Bill Connor (SNP); Jonny Tepp (Lib Dems)

Turnout: 56.8%

Ward 18 - St Andrews

Andy Collins (Greens) 283

Clare Fisher (Ind) 62

Jane Ann Liston (Lib Dems) 1,083

Mariam Mahmood (Lib Dems) 451

Christopher McKinlay (Ind) 73

Dorothea Morrison (Ind) 496

Dominic Nolan (Con) 1,007

Brian Thomson (Lab) 640

Colin Veitch (SNP) 404

Ann Verner (SNP) 528

Candidates elected: Jane Anne Liston (Lib Dems(; Dominic Nolan (Con); Brian Thomson (Lab); Ann Verner (SNP)

Turnout: 49.8%

Ward 19 - East Neuk and Landward

Benjamin Bridgman (Greens) 222

John Docherty (SNP) 703

Rosalind Garton (Lab) 242

Alisdair Gilbert (Lib Dems) 891

Margaret Harper (SNP) 634

Linda Holt (Con) 1,508

Bill Porteous Lib Dems) 1,014

Candidates elected: John Docherty (SNP); Linda Holt (Con); Bill Porteous (Lib Dems)

Turnout: 52%

Ward 20 - Cupar

Jenny Collins (Greens) 275

Margaret Kennedy (Lib Dems) 2,401

Karen Marjoram (SNP) 1,064

Helen Martin (Lab) 234

Tony Miklinkski (Con) 1,561

Steven Mitchell Simpson (SNP) 359

Candidates elected: Margaret Kennedy (Lib Dems); Karen Alison Marjoram (SNP) Tony Miklinski, (Con)

Turnout: 53.6%