Local elections: The west Fife results ...

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The Tory revival in Fife began with the very first declaration.

Mino Manekshaw secured the party’s first gain as he was elected in West Fife and the coastal villages ward.

The election of the 61-year old long-time resident of North Queensferry was met with huge cheers from the party’s team of campaigners on the count floor – and they had much to celebrate culminating in the highly unlikely presence of a Tory councillor in Cowdenbeath as Darren Watt went from candidate to councillor.

There were shocks too in the west as the SNP lost its Fife leader, Neale Hanvey, and his predecessor Brian Goodall, but education spokesman, Fay Sinclair, retained her Dunfermline South seat.

Elizabeth Riches, a politician synonymous with the north-east of Fife, found Cowdenbeath fairly barren ground, taking just 101 votes.

Ward 1 – West Fife & Coastal Villages:

Aude Boubaker-Calder (Lib Dems) 360;

Bobby Clelland Lab 1,682

Suzanne Davies (Lab) 538

Willie Gavin (SNP) 990

Martin Keatings (Ind) 220

Mino Manekshaw (Con) 1,186

Kate Stewart (SNP) 1.084

Jeroen Van Leeuwen (Green) 151

Candidates elected: Bobby Clelland (Lab); Mino Manekshaw. (Con); Kate Stewart, (SN)

Turnout: 48.7%

Ward 2 - Dunfermline North

Michael Boyd (Lab) 752

Gavin Ellis (Con) 1,264

Ian Ferguson (SNP) 1,186

Fiona Elizabeth Fisher (SNP) 662

Mags Hall (Green) 203

Bryn Jones (Lib Dems) 458

Helen Law (Lab) 863

Candidates elected: Gavin Ellis (Con); Ian Ferguson (SNP); Helen Law (Lab)

Turnout: 46%

Ward 3 - Dunfermline Central

Alan Craig (Con) 1,768

Garry Haldane (Lab) 832

Jean Hall Muir (SNP) 1.359

Neale Hanvey (SNP) 821

Doug Hay (Ind) 655

Deek Jackson (Ind) 27

Lauren Jones (Lib Dems) 509

Jim Leishman (Lab) 1,115

Kerstin Romano (Green) 238

Candidates elected: Alan Craig (Con); Garry Haldane (Lab); Jean Hall Muir (SNP),

Jim Leishman (Lab)

Turnout: 47.7%

Ward 4 - Dunfermline South

James Calder (Lib Dems) 1,224

Michael Collie (Green) 245

Brian John Goodall (SNP) 1,128

Ross Paterson (Lab) 1,086

Billy Pollock (Lab) 521

David Ross (Con) 1,660

Fay Sinclair (SNP0 1,302

Candidates electeed: James Calder (Lib Dems); Ross Paterson (Lab); David Ross (Con); Fay Sinclair (SNP)

Turnout: 44.2%

Ward 5 - Rosyth

Wendy Chmberlain (Lib Dems) 377

Steven Leckie (Ind) 156

Alstair MacIntyre (Ind) 89

Fiona Mcowan (Greens) 147

Tony Orton (Con) 1,136

Mike Shirkie (Ind) 402

Samantha Steele (SNP) 1,118

Andrew Verrecchia (Lab) 932

Sharon Wilson (SNP) 742

Candidates elected: Tony Orton (Con); Samantha Steele (SNP); Andrew Verrecchia (Lab)

Turnout: 44.2%

Ward 6 - Inverkeithing and Dalgety Bay

David Barratt (SNP) 1,165

Helen Cannon-Todd (Ind) 564

Dave Dempsey (Con) 2,841

David John Hansen (Greens) 271

Callum Hawthorne (Lib Dems) 388

Lesley Laird (Lab) 1,305

Alice McGarry (SNP) 1,229

Candidates elected: David Barratt (SNP); Dave Dempsey (Con); Lesley Laird (Lab); Alice McGarry (SNP)

Turnout: 54.3%

Ward 7 - Cowdenbeath

Alistair Bain (SNP) 1,415

Ann Bain (SNP)799

Alex Campbell (Lab) 2,065

Angela Dixon (Greens) 150

Gary Guichan (Lab) 1,030

Elizabeth Riches (Lib Dems) 101

Darren Watt (Con) 1,013

Candidates elected: Alistair Bain (SNP); Alex Campbell (Lab); Gary Guichan (Lab); Dareen Watt (Con)

Turnout: 40.8%