MP seeks clarity over Havelock deal

Kirkcaldy’s MP has welcomed a deal that will see Havelock Europa’s legacy continue – but she wants more clarity.
Havelock Europa  KirkcaldyHavelock Europa  Kirkcaldy
Havelock Europa Kirkcaldy

The long-established company, which went into administration in August with the loss of 247 jobs, has had its brand and name rights bought by Mansfield based furniture specialists, Deanestor, for an undisclosed sum.

Lesley Laird, MP for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath, plans to write to the company to clarify its plans, and what they might mean for local jobs.

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The deal does not include re-opening the factory or offering work to staff who were laid off – it is solely for some of the business’ intangible rights.

Deanestor has a Scottish base in Dunfermline which is fully staffed.

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Ms Laird said: “Deanestor has recognised the value of the Havelock and ESA McIntosh names and it is good news that the brand legacy will continue.

“However, retaining jobs is more important and I welcome Unite’s plans to engage with Deanestor to discuss re-employing Havelock staff.

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“That’s a positive move and I will follow up with the Trade Unions.

“In addition I will also be writing to the company to clarify their plans and what that might mean in terms of local jobs.

“Havelock’s hard-earned reputation was built through the expertise and skill of its workforce - and it’s vital that every available option to keep these jobs in our area is pursued.”