MSP predicts ‘two horse race’ for North East Fife seat

Candidate Wendy Chamberlain and MSP Willie Rennie.
Candidate Wendy Chamberlain and MSP Willie Rennie.

Voters in North East Fife are being urged to make their vote count, two years on from one of the closest counts in General Election history.

Scottish Liberal Democrats leader Willie Rennie believes it will be a “two-horse race” between his party and the SNP, following the election in 2017 when the SNP’s Stephen Gethins retained his seat by just two votes.

“It is going to be close between the SNP and Liberal Democrats,” he said. “I think the Conservatives and Labour understand that they are not in the race.

“I think many people are making a decision about whether it’s us or the SNP. If they want to stop Brexit and independence, they are coming with us.”

Mr Rennie is urging voters to support Liberal Democrats candidate Wendy Chamberlain on December 12, describing his party as the “voice of remainers”, and warning of the impact Brexit could have on North East Fife.

“You couldn’t imagine a constituency more impacted by Brexit than North East Fife,” he said. “With the University of St Andrews, a world-class institution that attracts people from across Europe and the world, sending a signal that we are closing ourselves off is not good for that.”

He also raised concerns about the impact Brexit could have on the fruit farms in the constituency, and added: “North East Fife is right in the firing line for Brexit. That is why the Lib Dems are determined to make it stop.”

He concluded: “Wendy is a brilliant candidate, with real life experience – 12 years in the police, finding jobs for ex-servicemen, working for a drinks company now.

“She is a quality candidate who is going down exceptionally well on the doorstep.

“She has got empathy, she understands, she works hard. She is a great asset.

“If you want to stop independence, if you think Brexit is a bad idea, come with Wendy.

“If you want to make your vote count, because this election is so tight, please come with us – your vote will be valuable.”