New committee looks at future of Kirkcaldy

The future of Kirkcaldy is set to come under scrutiny with the first meeting of the new area committee after the recent council election.

Thursday, 25th May 2017, 10:14 am
Updated Sunday, 4th June 2017, 9:30 pm
An artist's impression on how the proposed new cinema complex for Kirkcaldy could look
An artist's impression on how the proposed new cinema complex for Kirkcaldy could look

It marks a new era after the formation of the new coalition between the SNP and Labour on Fife Council.

The first Kirkcaldy Area Committee of the new term was set to meet today, comprised of six local Labour councillors, four SNP, and two Conservatives.

Absent from the 12-person group will be notable names which have been present in previous terms, such as former Kirkcaldy West, Kinghorn and Burntisland councilors George Kay, who retired ahead of the election, and Susan Leslie, who was not re-elected.

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As the committee meets to elect members to the various roles, there is no solid agenda yet.

However it is thought that town centre regeneration and the cinema plans may feature in the new term.

Speaking ahead of the meeting, Carol Lindsay, SNP councillor for Kirkcaldy North said: “In terms of my local ward, I’d like to see the Temple Hall Community Centre refurbished.

“Hopefully for the Kirkcaldy area there would be a cinema, bringing jobs to the town.

“So many people in Kirkcaldy want this facility. Why should they have to go all the way to Dunfermline?

“It would be a good thing for Kirkcaldy as long as it was under the right conditions.

“It would be great if we could look at the esplanade, and make it a seaside town. We have to use the seafront better.”

A planning application for the cinema was lodged before the election, however, despite the recent shift in the political landscape.

Conservative councillor for Kirkcaldy East, Richard Watt, said that if a cinema helped improved the town’s fortunes then he would support it.

“My job is to represent the interests of the people of Kirkcaldy.

“If it is something that can improve the situation, then I’ll fight for it.

“I think it’s become difficult out there for shops on the High Street.

“It might be that the future lies in leisure facilities, where people can go enjoy themselves and interact with others.”

Labour Kirkcaldy Central councillor Judy Hamilton said the parties are putting their differences aside to work for a better Kirkcaldy.

She said: “We’re working together on an agreement that will deliver for the people of Fife.

“We’ve left national politics out of it.

“Obviously we’re still campaigning for the General Election.

“On a national level we will be campaigning for our own parties, but locally we’re able to work together.

“So it’s not creating a problem.

“The work to improve Kirkcaldy will continue.

“I’m really looking forward working with the new committee and looking forward to a new agenda for the next five years and I hope the people of Kirkcaldy will support us and get behind us.”