New group adds to town centre voice

A NEW group has been launched to put more pressure on councillors to deliver major improvements for Kirkcaldy.

Kirkcaldy Needs Action Today (KNAT) is made up of residents in the Linktown and Seafield area who say they are fed up waiting for action on key projects such as Invertiel and the new swimming pool.

And they have started a petition calling on Fife Council to start regenerating the area after years of debate.

KNAT sprung into action after The Press reported on the continued delays over the pool and plansd for a new Morison’s store at Invertiel.

A spokesman said: ‘‘As a group of friends we’d all got to the stage where we felt we’d had enough - we felt it was time to do something.

‘‘We wanted to find out how other folk felt, and, having gone round the doors, we were amazed at their support.

‘‘People are either angry or simply confused at the lack of action’’

KNAT’s leaflet criticises councillors for their ‘‘inaction’’ over the regeneration of the area and lists phone numbers and e-mail addresses for a number of them, urging people to contact them to demand they ‘‘give us what we deserve.’’

The spokesman added: ‘‘If you look at this areas there really is nothing here.

‘‘We have a wonderful seafront, but Invertiel is derelict.

‘‘Many people honestly believe if this was Dunfermline or Glenrothes the regeneration would have happened by now. Because it is Kirkcaldy, no-one bothers.’’

KNAT plans to hand its petition to Councillor Alice Soper, chairman of the Kirkcaldy Area Committee, and lobby key decision makers and business leaders as well as across the communuity over the coming weeks.

It is the second campaign group to focus on town centre issues with the Save The Car Park campaign already established in its battle over the location of the £15m swimming pool.

Added the spokesman: ‘‘We don’t want to get tangled up in party politics. We’re doing this because we believe something has to be done for Kirkcaldy.’’