Safety concerns over removal of playpark equipment

Fife Council workers dismantle the roundabout at Caskieberran Park, and the metal pole left behind.
Fife Council workers dismantle the roundabout at Caskieberran Park, and the metal pole left behind.

Fife Council has been criticised for its lax safety procedures after it removed play equipment from a Glenrothes Park.

Last month council workers were engaged to take away the playground at Caskieberran Park, however failed to cordon off the area while they worked as children stood just feet away watching.

They have also now left the large metal spoke of the roundabout sticking out of the ground.

Local resident Stacey Mclachlan believes that more consideration should have been given to health and safety.

She said: “Fife Council took our park away in the middle of school holidays with no safety procedures and have now left it even more dangerous.

“They were dismantling the roundabout with what looked like an axe with no fencing or anything between the workers and the kids who were stood watching.

“They didn’t remove the spoke of the roundabout, but just left what is now just a large metal pole sticking out of the ground – how is any of this safe?

“I would also like to know if the council are intending to replace the play equipment or are we just supposed to accept losing it when there is nothing nearby.”

The council dismissed safety fears as staff were always present when work was going on and the pole is secured into the ground.

It also stated there is enough other provision locally to make up for the loss of the equipment in Caskieberran Park.

Ian Cunningham, area coordinator (Play Parks), said: “The removal of the old equipment, that was no longer suitable for use, was essential to keep this area safe for use by local people and families.

“Council employees were continually present when the aged equipment was being safely dismantled and removed. This meant that children or families could not access, or use the equipment, when the works were going on.

“We can reassure local people that the post that remains is secured into the ground.

“We recognise that open spaces and areas for children to play are important. There are three other play areas in the Caskieberran area, and Ivanhoe Drive play park was recently updated.”