Scottish Affairs Committee in Kirkcaldy

Peter Wishart MP, committee chairman
Peter Wishart MP, committee chairman

The Scottish Affairs Committee visits Kirkcaldy today as part of its inquiry into immigration and Scotland.

It is in town to hear from three groups to explore how post-Brexit immigration policy should address the needs of current migrants, the agricultural sector and rural and remote communities.

The committee will hear from members of Fife Migrant Forum about their experiences of coming to live and work in Scotland, and will explore how the EU referendum result has affected their ability to plan for the future and the affected their likelihood of staying.

It will also hear from representatives of the National Farmers Union Scotland, Highlands and Islands Enterprise and Convention of Scottish Local Authorities.

Pete Wishart, committee chairman, said: “I am delighted that we will be hearing from people who have come to Scotland to work, live and contribute to our society. In amongst the toing-and-froing of negotiations we must not lose sight of the human impact that these decisions will have. It will be important to find out how the referendum result has affected them and how much information they have been given about their options for the future.”